Friday, June 24, 2011

Free Energy Healings! Next stop on the Wave is Charlotte!

The Healing Wave

Purpose and Intention
As I was asking for guidance about the direction or feeling of my life’s work I received a very clear image of a wave. “Your path is a healing wave that will spread across America,” I was told. In my vision, this wave would initially bring Brennan students and graduates together in a consistent pattern and frequency, a life pulse, to offer education and healing to those in need, following a course across the United States. The next night the guides returned and told me I should start this project now. I said, “No way.” I did agree though, to do an East Coast Wave for my 3rd year Art Project starting last January, 2011.

What I envisioned was a wave consisting of five cities, five months, with five days of healing. Choosing a Sunday of each month, from January through May, we would start in Vermont, and go on to New York, Washington DC, North Carolina and end up in Florida. Sunday afternoon was chosen as a quiet time for many, and the states were chosen because of the students in my year who live there and had agreed to help me in this creation.

The purpose and intention of this wave of healing is to create a pattern of vibration. This vibration, upwelling from those of us who are already joined through the Community of Heart created by the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, would initially help connect the sacred space of practices already existing in the area, strengthening and bonding them. It would then begin to spread from city to city down the east coast and radiate out on the left into the Atlantic Ocean, and on the right into the rest of the country as preparation for next year.

Beginning with people we wee already acquainted with, our clients, friends and family, the container of healing generated by this wave would assist in their education and support, and become a point of referral for others associated with those we love and work with. Eventually, I can envision working in conjunction with other healing modalities and with those who may not have the resources for or access to healing.

This Healing Wave was an enormous success, and has subsequently taken on a life of its own, generating a second round of Healing Days in each state. Stay tuned for more information, as I begin my 4th year project to take the Wave across America and Beyond!